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Giving Thanks…

Hello friends. Today I am featured on Dawn Aldrich’s blog. You can check out my post here. If you are visiting from Dawn’s blog so glad you stopped by.   My alarm goes off. I roll over and hit snooze. … Continue


Where is the Joy?

A pink faux wool coat lays discarded on the floor. {In 100-plus degree heat the question remains why was it removed from the closet at all?} A battalion of green plastic army men surround the pink coat as if it … Continue



I am just like her. Maybe that is why this behavior grates at my last nerve. I do it too. I arch my back or run off when something become the least bit difficult. I want it all to be … Continue


Fighting the Flesh

My heart is tight. Frustration mounts. Things are not going how I think they should go. I feel overwhelmed. I am not focused on the thing God wants me to do, but on all the things that I am not … Continue

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