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How My Daughter Taught Me Gratitude

She fell and something snapped. He came running wild-eyed into the kitchen. “She hurt her arms. She’s screaming…L,” his eyes round as saucers as he pointed out back. Her daddy ran and something in my heart snapped too…I waited, I … Continue


Overwhelmed By Giving

The task seemed monumental to me. God gave Moses specific instructions about how to build the Tent of Meeting. The Israelites would need about a ton of gold, 3.75 tons of silver, 2.5 tons of bronze, special cloths, embroidery work, … Continue


Eleven Years Ago

Eleven years ago today I had my hair done in an updo and I put on a white dress.I walked down an aisle arm-in-arm with my dad. Broad smile plastered to my face and a smaller one painted on his. … Continue


Giving Thanks…

Hello friends. Today I am featured on Dawn Aldrich’s blog. You can check out my post here. If you are visiting from Dawn’s blog so glad you stopped by.   My alarm goes off. I roll over and hit snooze. … Continue

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