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Scripture Vlog[/tube]

Here is the heart behind my talk I gave recently. I hope you enjoy it. [tube] What do you think about scripture? I can’t wait to hear…


How to Maintain Zeal

Zeal: enthusiasm, excitement, passion… We, Christ-followers, are not often defined by our zeal. Unless it is passion for God’s commands or shouting at what is wrong in the world. Maybe we are zealous about the type of worship music sung, … Continue


How to Hunger for Him

My stomach often seems to be unsatisfied. It rumbles and gurgles begging for more. Sometimes I cannot trust it’s appetite. There are times I cannot seem to be filled no matter how much I eat. Those are the days that … Continue


Set on Fire by Hell

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” my small voice sang. I have wanted to believe that words are just words and they don’t have real power to hurt. But even as a child … Continue

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