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Something Free for You…And A Guest Post[/tube]

Today I have the privilege of being featured on Encouragement Cafe. If you are interested in my “Labor Day” post (and I mean child-birthing labor, but from an infertile view) please visit their site by clicking here. Welcome to any … Continue


The Pitch

The title reminds me of baseball, but I am not talking about a fastball. Did you know I am going to a conference next week? It is a speaking and writing conference. There I get to pitch my book idea … Continue


God-sized Prayers

Ordinary. That is how I thought of myself as a young girl. Plain, girl next door, nothing too notable about me. This ordinary girl gave her life to Jesus at the age of seven. I feared hell, loved Jesus for … Continue


Summer Cleaning..Right

I am not a great housekeeper. In fact I would argue that I am not even a “good” housekeeper. I actually pay someone to help clean the house…I am unorganized and I ignore things. If I don’t like the piles … Continue

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