There are times when I just stop.

Times when life’s circumstances cloud my mind and my heart and I just can’t see beyond the tip of my nose.

And instead of staying disciplined to cling to God, stay in His Word, and be obedient to His call…I just stop.

There are times when we must stop and cut out the extra things in life to focus on fewer things.

But we still must focus, we must progress, we must obey…

And I Have Not…

But this week, like a fog has lifted, I have made progress…baby steps…leaning on Jesus and in need of grace steps.

Sometimes progress is messy – like the crazy mess it takes to organize a closet or a drawer.

So as I make these crazy baby steps of progress it won’t always look pretty.

And those steps – faltering though they may be – include writing here…Three times a week…

Three little thoughts shared…thoughts molded by God’s Word…thoughts that will prayerfully bless you.

Aren’t you glad “…that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6)


In what area do you need to make progress? How may I pray for you?


One other small note…Do you use BibleGateway? It is an amazing resource for Bible studies, Bible tools, Bible versions, and searching the Bible. If you haven’t checked it out I highly suggest you do.

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One Response to Progress…

  1. Gary says:


    From our experiences and conversations with others, these past months (years?) have included remodeling to complete tear down and rebuild. I have reviewed, re-evaluated, meditated on, and re-confirmed what I believe in every area of my life.

    Some of my friends crashed and burned, during this time, while others became ANCHORS for myself and others to secure too. I watched bloggers, I follow, struggle and change for the better, much like a caterpillar enters its quite place and emerges a new being.

    I am glad you are pressing on. Recently, watching a NatGeo episode, a mother Zebra and its fold were separated during a river crossing. At one point, she was exhausted trying to exit the water onto the bank and three (3) crocodiles enclosed her. One nudged her before his strike and this re-energized her and she climbed to safety.

    Two days later, her and the fold found each other. That event reminded me that certain aspects of Life seek to destroy us and even tho we get exhausted, disoriented, confused and separated, just getting up and trying one more time propels us to success.

    God bless.

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