Lent not Lint

I have always loved singing praises to God and songs, well, I can figure them out pretty quickly. So before I could read I would sing praises to Jesus with gusto.

One Sunday morning I sat in a blue plastic chair next to my parents and siblings. The white tile floor of the community center where our church gathered gleamed bright. The worship leader strummed his guitar.

Yeah, I thought, I know this song.

I began to sing at the top of my lungs. . . “string bean. . .”


I do not even remember the name of the song I thought contained the words “string bean,” but I knew that was the right words. And in the same youthful thinking I wondered what Lint was all about. I understood the stuff that came from the dryer and sometimes my belly button, but I had no idea what Lent really was.

As a protestant I learned about Lent in grade school from some catholic friends who didn’t really know what it was. In fact I doubt many catholics or other more traditional church members could really tell me much about Lent. So I began searching. My friend Amy got me thinking with her post about Lent and Ann Voskamp also challenged me to dig deep.

The lenten season begins today. I have never observed this season – forty days before Easter. This season devoted to remembering Christ’s sacrifice on the cross – set apart different. A time to prepare my heart and mind for Easter. A time to lay down something of value to myself so I can remember His sacrifice.

I have a few books I plan on reading about Lent during this season.

In my effort to distance myself from man-made tradition I have lost rich tradition that points me closer to Christ.

So this year will be different. This year I will lay down something and during this Lenten season.

I am going to give up fried food – no chicken nuggets, tater tots, french fries, chips. That also means no guacamole, salsa, or chili con queso.

Seriously it also means I will daily remember Christ. His sacrifice will strengthen me because I when I give up what I think fills me, I have room to be filled by the God.


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4 Responses to Lent not Lint

  1. I love this post! I grew up Catholic, so when I came to know the Lord I ran away as far as I could from all these traditions, but now I am also rethinking where I stand, I asked the Lord this morning if I were to give up something for Lent, but I believe He is telling me I am to add something for Lent… wow, I was not expecting that!

  2. Thanks Barbara. Isn’t it great how God sometimes has us add things and other times take things away. Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. OneMommy says:

    I grew up Catholic and we were always supposed to give something up… Now a days I like “doing something” — love the idea of reading more about Lent.

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