Testing something new…

Hello friends. I normally don’t post on Saturday, but I have been tinkering with my blog and I wanted to make sure all is working well.

So first thing I want to tell you all is that you bless me. I am so humbled that you stop by my little corner of cyber space. Thank YOU!

Second, I do pray for you. I don’t know all of you, but I pray for you.

Third, one way you could bless me is by sharing posts that especially touch you. At the bottom of each post are little icons to help make sharing my blog posts easier for you.

Next, I love to hear from you – no need to be eloquent. Just write a little comment and say, “I needed this” or “Thanks” or “Please stop.” Seriously I am open. I want to know how to encourage you best and I can’t know that for sure unless you share with me.

Nearly last, I realize this is like, “So what,” to some of you, but look under my picture in the right-hand column. YUP those little icons I wrote some html code to make them work. Yes watch out world, I am trying new things!

Finally, I am going to have some new pictures popping up on this hear blog soon and some new info on my speaking page. So be looking for updates and some other fun stuff soon!

I seriously appreciate you all! Praying you have a wonderful weekend.

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2 Responses to Testing something new…

  1. Samuel says:

    Angela, knowing a bit about what goes on under the Internet’s hood I shy away from social networking sites. (The last time I checked Facebook’s T&Cs ran to 10,000 words!) But while I was compiling my ‘blog’ I took a lot of time to check out maybe 100 ‘Christian’ blogs. And I’m still working at it. It’s good to have an encouraging inbox! I need that.

    To date a few things have struck me. Firstly, I was really disappointed with the content overall, and secondly, I discovered that quality Christian blogs were often managed by women! When I say “quality” I mean grounded in honesty and His Word, in this world but not of it, showing godly zeal and robustly reflecting the character of Christ Himself.

    So far my own blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic (to put it mildly) but I’ve linked out to your blog because of who you consistently show yourself to be in Him. But don’t worry! I don’t expect you to link out to mine because my blog isn’t really a blog at all and will seldom grow. Blogs need refreshed regularly to a good standard to be appealing – just like yours!


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