Stress and The Word

Last week was a full week – full of travel, fun, activity, seminary, a pep rally, a football game, and a sinus infection.

As the sun peeked over the horizon I slung myself out of bed and went about getting kids ready for school. My mental to-do list added weights to my shoulders and tied my stomach in knots. I walked past my Bible a few times. I’ll get to it I thought, but I have to get the kids out the door. When I shut the door and had the house to myself I dove into my to-do list.

Surely checking items off this list will lighten the weight, untie the knots in my stomach. Instead the weights felt heavier throughout the day. Before I closed my eyes I opened my green Bible and did my best to listen to Him before falling asleep.

Saturday dawned and my to-do list beckoned. I went straight to my  computer. It seemed everything I touched was not working well. Stress mounted and my nerves felt electrified. Sharp responses flew from my mouth. Stress weighed heavy and my green Bible sat unopened.

I finally stopped my crazy activity to sit still, pray, and listen to God. The heavy weight of stress slowly moved off my shoulders as I opened my green Bible and read His truth. God’s Word spoke to my weary soul. My stomach relaxed and my nerves slowed their frenetic energy.

Spending time with God first thing in the morning makes all the difference for me. Does it do that for you too?

Who is memorizing God’s word with me? We are still working on Psalm 121 this week. Finish out the last four verses this week. Next week we will work on reviewing the verses we already memorized.


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2 Responses to Stress and The Word

  1. Samuel says:

    A very down-to-earth post. Just the kind if thing we all face in different ways. It’s best to start the day the way we intend to live it!

    When I read your words I was reminded of a song by Don Francisco. In fact it pops into my mind every now and then down through the years. I’ve always really identified with it.

    It’s obviously the result of life-experience. Maybe I can share some of it with you, Angela. You may know it from way back:


    When I wake up in the morning, put my feet on the floor, I set my heart in the right direction
    Let the world be driven by its worries and fears, my faith is in the resurrection
    To the power of the Spirit Who lives in me you know the devil cannot hold a candle
    There ain’t nothing gonna happen today that the Lord and I together can’t handle

    Then sometimes later in the heat of the day
    I get a little anxious, start losing my way
    But He gently reminds me deep down in my soul
    He’s still the King and He’s still in control

    Then later in the evening at the setting of the sun
    I lift my heart and thank Him for the things He has done
    I open my Bible and I listen to Him
    He takes my empty cup and fills it up to the brim

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