Prayer of Thanks and Petition

Heavenly Father,thank You for who You are. Thank You for Your faithfulness, goodness, love, mercy, justice, and grace. Thank You for being all-powerful, all-knowing, holy, holy, holy, glorious, and majestic. Thank You for sending Jesus, Your precious Son to die in so that those who call on Your name will be saved. Thank You for having a plan for our lives and for redeeming all the painful things in life for Your purpose and glory.

Father I pray for all the people reading this blog and myself. I pray Your loving arms will encircle us and that we will be in awe of You. Oh that we would all know You and the power of Your resurrection. So we can really live victorious lives in You. Fill us all with Your Spirit so we can bear His fruit. Give us a hunger for Your Word, that we may draw ever closer to You.

In Jesus’ Powerful and Glorious Name…Amen.

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4 Responses to Prayer of Thanks and Petition

  1. jerre says:

    I so agree with you in prayer and that our hearts may beat the same for Christ and His Word.

  2. Angela, what a wonderful soul you are. Thank you for this prayer and for your lovely site. God is great!

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