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But with you there is forgiveness;
therefore you are feared. Psalm 130:4

The words seemed to jump off the page in front of me. Fear and forgiveness the two words wrestled in my brain together.

“Wow,” I said breathy. I turned towards my husband. “Have you heard this before?” I read him Psalm 130:4.

He shook his head.

My throat tightened. “We fear God because He forgives us. Oh but I forget. I take it for granted.”

I shake my head and close my eyes. I see it. I see myself dabbling in sin as if I was not playing in filth. I act like sin is no big deal, I mean God forgives.

But the truth is that God, who knew no sin, who is pure, holy, righteous, He can’t stand sin. Sin is completely contrary to His nature. Yet He this perfect holy, awesome God forgives me.

Not only does He forgive me, but He sent His Son Jesus to die for me. Jesus limited Himself to flesh, time, fatigue, hunger, and aging. He then was rejected and died the most painful death ever imagined. Holy God forgives me.

The words fear and forgiveness settled down in my mind.Yes, when I realize what God has done in order to forgive me, forgiveness is not a way to dismiss God, but it makes me aware. Aware that a holy omnipotent God, who rightfully could just cast me into hell for my sin, would instead bear that penalty for me. Fear then is reverence, but also relief that I am not cast out because of God’s great love.

My heart trembled. “Thank You God,” I whispered. “Thank You that You chose forgiveness, thank You for Jesus.”

Forgiveness and fear really got me this week. Have you ever considered that forgiveness should lead us to fear? What are your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Fear and Forgiveness – This Really Got Me

  1. We are SO blessed to serve a loving and forgiving God, aren’t we? Thank you for sharing this reminder!

    • Yes Jenni. Loving, forgiving, AND POWERFUL beyond measure. Sometimes I forget the stories like Isaiah 6 and John in Revelation. When they saw God they fell face down in fear. Oh that I would fear God and yet approach Him with confidence because of what He did for us through His Son Jesus. THanks so much for stopping by today.

  2. When we think of an on-earth king – and think about how we would respond to his benevolence and forgiveness – and how we respond to a King not on earth – it puts it in perspective, doesn’t it! Appropriate awe and humbleness!

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