Because Your Story Matters

Amid doubt and smallness, knowing God is growing something in me, but not knowing if I have what it takes to do the work. If it doesn’t come easy I wonder if I am supposed to do it. Yet the work is what God uses to refine me.

As my thoughts swirl and emotions swing a friend shares her story. Her story of God working and her working and miracles happening. Yes her story of dreams fulfilled and doubts beaten and God showing up.

Another friend encourages me with words we are memorizing together. She texts the first verse of Psalm 103, “Praise the LORD!” My soul drinks in the words. Yes praise the LORD, praise His holy name. My heart needs it.

Your story matters. It matters not only to you and your life, but to those who hear it.

It matters because it offers hope, wisdom, and encouragement. God is in your story and your story is God’s way of building others up. Your story is God’s way of redeeming your pain. Isn’t it like God to use the pain of our lives to bring His miracle.

So share your story. Don’t wait or hesitate. Your story may be God’s gift to the person hearing it.

I am thankful for the gifts friends gave me today by sharing their stories.

Has a friend shared a story with you lately? How has his or her story blessed you? Would you mind sharing with me? Leave a comment.

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2 Responses to Because Your Story Matters

  1. Rennakay says:

    Yes, every story is important…one story I know has turned out wonderful for him.  He has a wealth of love now in new christian friends who feel just like family.  I am so happy for him.  We are all blessed in this story.

    I know another story unfolding every day.  It has found new cousins who talk for hours on the phone.  I was told they even look alike.  That story has not talked to all the players on the phone yet, however at the end of this month they have plans to visit together.  I wonder if they both know a secret about each other.  We hope to know the answer soon,  it will be God’s plan and his time .   Praying for them every day.

    I know another story where someone did not tell anyone her story until after many years.  This was a burden she carried so afraid no one would like her because of the past.  She learned family members were shocked but supported her with love.  No one was angry with her.  She feels so much peace in her heart.

    I feel every story is important.  Only God knows who needs to hear each story.  If the story will help one person then sharing the story was not told for the wrong reason.  I say share and by sharing you will be planting seeds showing God’s love is always there.  Only God knows the outcome, we may not get the answer we want, however by putting all of out trust in sweet Jesus we know he will carry us through this trial.  

    Angela, I pray this answer will help you.  You can call me at home if you have any questions.  I praise God for you!!

  2. Rennakay says:

    I feel blessed…God put me in a home with God fearing parents.  They married then five years later became a born again christian with the desire to serve him.  Dad became a deacon and mom taught six grade girls Sunday School many years.  My brother loves serving the lord with his many talents and I was blessed by teaching preschoolers at our church.

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