How Easily I Forget: Pray Continually Day 16

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Prayer is an open dialog between me and the Creator of the universe, but somehow I forget.

I forget that the throne of grace is available when I mess up. I need to ask and God forgives.

I act as if nothing is ever going to change, but I have access to the God who is able to do all things.

I allow my thoughts to circle tightly around me–my needs, wants, plans, and dreams. I forget He is in control.

I clutch and cling to my plans and live destitute. When all the riches and treasures of wisdom are in Jesus. (Col 2:2-3)

I pray God will change others when He really wants to change me.

I cling to what I want and refuse to pray when God tells me His ways are not my ways.

I forget His plans. I forget His gifts. I forget to pray.

Perhaps even grumpiness can be a reminder. Pray because the grumpies won’t go away.

Pray when things seem dry and pitiful.

Pray when I’d prefer things go my way and I don’t really want to tell God that.

When the floor of heaven seems sealed off and I cannot draw near to God, I need to pray.

I don’t know about you, but I forget. I get caught up in the world I can see and forget the God I can’t see. I realize it is ridiculous, God made the physical world to point to Himself. However I turn my brain on auto-pilot and fail to see Him and His hand in my life.

I forget to pray–even in the middle of 30 days of training. I need to recognize grumpiness, selfishness, and dryness as cues to pray–cues I need contact with my Creator.

Have you discovered cues to help remind you to pray? If so what are they?

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