10 Things to Pray while We Pray Continually

We are working through 30 days of praying continually. The first three posts in this series are:

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Some of you may keep a detailed prayer request list and pray over those items frequently. Others of you may have circumstances and situations that seem so huge you can’t stop thinking of things and details to pray for. But then there are some who don’t really know what to pray for or about. So here is a list of things we all can pray for.

1. Our Churches…the leaders would honor God, the members would grow closer to God, we would influence the world to want to love Jesus.

2. Our Schools/Universities (even if you don’t have kids in these places they need prayer)…pray for safety, professors and teachers to not discriminate on any basis, kids learn so they can lead productive lives, for funds, those in leadership, and discipline.

3. Our Countries…our leaders would make wise Godly choices, economy would recover, more jobs would be created, our countries across the globe would work together, diplomacy, unity despite diversity.

4. Our families…marriages, their spiritual lives, physical protection, emotional health, healing, for prodigals wandering away, wise spending of our resources, wisdom, direction.

5. Our friends…difficult circumstances, marriages, wisdom, direction, health for their bodies, minds and souls.

6. News flashes…each time you hear a news alert pray for God’s way in that situation.

7. Our environment…pray we use resources wisely, for God’s provision through the environment.

8. The world…famines, poverty, war, plagues, the lost, those who never heard the gospel, hungry (even in our neighborhoods), homeless, those suffering with cancer or medical scares….

9. Our medical communities…they provide excellent health care, they work well together in unity, they come to know God.

10. Ourselves…love God more deeply, obey Him more completely, read His word daily, pray more continually, confess our sins regularly, help when we struggle, peace and patience in the waiting, wisdom to do what He wants us to do.


I don’t know about you, but this list could keep me busy for a really really really long time. What are other things you pray for or that prompt you to pray? Would you share?

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2 Responses to 10 Things to Pray while We Pray Continually

  1. Kathryn Champion says:

    I work at the State Probation and Parole office. I’m not going to say I do it with every person, but I AM trying to get the place where I DO pray for every person that comes in our office. It reminds me that “there but for the grace of God, go I”, if you know what I mean. It is hard to remember when some of them get rude or angry, but I am TRYING to get to the place where I look at them as God does – His children that have gone astray or maybe never even had anyone that cared enough about them to try and show them a better way, HIS way. I have a post-it note stuck on my window at work that reads: “EVERY person I talk to is a unique, incredible creation of God” – I’m hoping that one day I’ll REALLY get this in to my ‘marrow’ and be able to rise above the pettiness and let God’s love come shining through every time. In the meantime, I am just reminded to pray not only for them, but for me and my attitude and outlook as well.

    • Angela_Mackey says:

      You have quite the prayer field in front of you Kathryn. Great idea to help keep praying continually.

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