In Awe of God

I have a post at The M.O.M. Initiative today called How to Mother in the Spirit. Check it out if you have the time.

Welcome everyone.

I have been dwelling on God’s names lately because I am doing the Bible study Knowing God by Name by Mary Kassian.

The more I know about God the more in awe of Him I am. That awe changes me.

God’s name is Yaweh the ineffable or unspeakable name. He is a covenant keeper the I AM.

He is Elohyim, creator God. He is master, all-powerful, all-knowing, sufficient, provider.

He is one God, but many names.

He is so unsearchable that eternity is not enough time to know Him.

He is our Savior and Father. He is faithful, true, patient.

He is love.

Doesn’t that amaze you? God is all that and more and more and more…

This God loves us despite what we do or say. He loves us as we fight Him and doubt Him and let Him down. He forgives and gives us all that we need to live Godly lives. He calls us. He knows us. He has plans for us.

May we sit in awe of Him today. What part of God – a name, an attribute, an action – are you in awe of today? Would you share with me?

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2 Responses to In Awe of God

  1. Tricia Dee says:

    I am in awe of the God who really cares for us – that he even “bothers” to care about us is so amazing to me. I am so grateful.

    • Angela_Mackey says:

      Thanks for sharing Tricia! I agree…Why would the perfect Creator of the universe care about dust people? But He does! AMAZING!

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