Scripture Vlog

buy real modafinil Here is the heart behind my talk I gave recently. I hope you enjoy it. [tube]

Achinsk What do you think about scripture? I can’t wait to hear…

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2 Responses to Scripture Vlog

  1. Kathryn Champion says:

    Oh Angela! I was SO excited to receive the email notification that you had posted a vlog today! I truly needed to “HEAR” an encouraging voice today and there you were, right on cue! LOL Don’t ya just LOVE how God works???
    Scripture memorization – something I said I could never do. Until this year! Yep! I actually joined in with Beth Moore’s SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) to start memorizing (or at least attempting to memorize) scriptures. On the 1st and 15th of each month, we post a new scripture that we are memorizing.  I was SO excited when I memorized my very first scripture! (Well, you know, other than the ones we ‘usually’ already know – like John 3:16, etc.) We are now on Verse 19 and while I don’t know that I have them ALL memorized, I DO flip through my little SSMT notepad and review them as often as I can. I am still determined to try – and, like Beth said, even we don’t memorize them word for word we are at least getting His Word in us and we are meditating on His Word and that in itself is powerful. I am 52 years old but I can remember battling the memorization thing ever since I was a child. I just have a hard time remembering things (which sometimes is a blessing – lol)
    Anyway, I am still working on memorizing scripture and I’m not going to give up. I am extremely impressed, though, that you have memorized FOUR CHAPTERS!!!! WOW! That just blows me away! What an accomplishment! But I love that you’re not just doing it to say, “Woo Hoo! I memorized four chapters!” You are memorizing it and allowing it to work in and through you – THAT is what makes it such an accomplishment. Thank you, once again, for sharing your smiling face and your voice with us. Whether it was for anyone else or not, I know it was for me at just the time I needed it.
    Praying God’s blessings over your ministry – here (in cyber-world) and right where you are 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Kathryn. I am so proud of you for trying to memorize when it doesn’t come easy. I know that God will bless you and the more practice you have at it the better you will become at it.
      I am also glad that seeing my face made your day. God is good isn’t He? He is good to use me to bless others and I am sure He is doing the same through you.
      I love your heart. Blessings.

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