Where is the Joy?

http://sktpharma.com/?author=1 A pink faux wool coat lays discarded on the floor. {In 100-plus degree heat the question remains why was it removed from the closet at all?}

http://thelittersitter.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://thelittersitter.com/faqs/ A battalion of green plastic army men surround the pink coat as if it is their next conquest.

order cenforce no prescription Pillows from the couches lay helter-skelter while a trail of books leave evidence of the little reader’s short attention span. Blankets, chairs, ottoman all out of place, but placed just so for the all important fort.

Little shoes haphazardly dropped and forgotten clutter the walk-way between couches.

The signs of life well lived, but also the signs of children who didn’t pick-up after themselves. And I can choose.

I get to choose if I complain and stomp and fume about about the messiness or if I find joy.

I often look around and wonder where is joy here in the picking up, washing load after load of laundry, and dish after dish…Where is joy in the midst of the mundane, the frustrating, the tedious.

Ah, but it is there because God is there. The fruit He is growing in me includes joy. God’s Spirit is always present so His joy is there too, I only need eyes to see and ears to hear and heart to understand…

So do I choose to dwell on my children who fail to clean or do I dwell on blessings, the children God has given me.

Do I dwell on I told her or him and righteous indignation that rapidly boils over into tyrant yelling or do I choose to remind tenderly? Letting go my control only to find joy.

Do I count the blessings in the mess – the blessings of more than one toy, more than enough space, more than enough clothes?

Ann Voskamp in her book 1,000 Gifts reminds us that “the well of joy is everywhere…All is well. We just have to have eyes to see it.” {those are quotes from memory not direct quotes, but they are powerful nonetheless}

Joy is our choice to look to heaven and to see God in every moment. That is where joy is found.

Oh Lord that we would have eyes to see Your well of joy in the midst of everyday-ness of life. May we choose joy over frustration and control. May we see blessing in the midst of the mess of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

How do you find joy in the midst of the every day? Will you share?

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2 Responses to Where is the Joy?

  1. Love this. In fact, I have a post later in the week that is very similar…where joy comes from. Joy in everday life? It comes in  giggles, the wag of a puppy dog tail, the grass stain on the knee of favorite little boy pants, the smells of dinner on the air. You have to look for it. Count it. Grasp it. Loved Ann’s book…changed my life and my heart. Thanks for sharing today!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Wendy…I found joy in the smell of burnt Easy Mac. My babysitter accidentally forgot to add water to the easy mac bowl and it burned up…My house smelled like it for days. However each time I smelled it I smiled because it meant that I got to spend time on a date with my husband! Joy is everywhere… 😉 I can’t wait to read your post…

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