I Need More of Him…Will You Pray with Me?

Tomorrow is the day.

I will put on my business casual attire and walk into a room with a literary agent and tell her about the book I am writing.

I will also meet hundreds of women all longing to use their gifts and talents to honor God.

I will present a three-minute talk in order to be critiqued. (Yes, maybe I am crazy, but I long to be critiqued)

I will learn information about writing better, speaking better, and relating better.

I will pray with and for many women. Pray that God’s Spirit will have His way with us.

Today I get on a plane.

I will miss my family and friends, but I will be meeting my Savior.

Will you pray that I will remember I am, but a vessel for Our God to use?

Pray for travel connections and mercies.

Pray that I will not compare and contrast, but build-up and encourage.

Pray that I will have a teachable heart and ears that are attentive to His Word for me.

Pray that I will boldly speak when God opens doors and I will actively listen when it is time.

Pray that I remember I must decrease and He must increase.

Thanks. What can I pray for you?


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6 Responses to I Need More of Him…Will You Pray with Me?

  1. Msdonnas says:

    Please continue to pray for healing from my knee surgery. I have 3 more weeks in this most uncomfortable brace due to a patella repair also. After three weeks then I start intense therapy to get my knee in shape to be able to bend it. I am praying I will be able to start back to school teaching, however it all depends on how I do in therapy. I have really trusted the Lord to get me this far because this is not me to just sit and lay around and rely on others to do for me.God has really taught me how to be contentw in no matter what. Your blog has blessed me everyday thank you for for letting God use you this way You are trully blessed.

  2. Gillian says:

    I will pray for you and also ask that you pray for direction for me as feel a calling but haven’t defined it yet.

    Thanks and blessings.

  3. Joyce Glass says:

    So, you must tell us Angela . . . How did it go? Are you home yet?  Praying God will move in a mighty way in your life!

    • Anonymous says:

      Joyce I can’t wait to tell you, but I need some family time. I will be working on different stories throughout the week.

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