“Stop trusting in mere humans,
who have but a breath in their nostrils.
Why hold them in esteem?” Isaiah 2:22

My heart beat quickens. My stomach ties into knots. I fear the words I am about to say will sound…ridiculous. I nearly stutter as my words slowly tumble out of my mouth. I avert my eyes so that I do not have to see the look – the incredulous look. The one that says your hopes and dreams are out of reach.

Why do I care what mere humans think anyway? God calls me. God qualifies me. God gifts me. So why does it matter what others think? Why do I crave acceptance from mere clay?

Maybe this is where God needs me to use me. If I am too comfortable saying I am a writer and speaker, I may begin to rely on myself to get through. I may think, “I can do this.” When in reality I can do nothing without God’s Spirit. I may say some pretty words and make some sound logical statements, but only God can transform lives.

Perhaps this battle of acceptance is what God will use to keep me pressing into Him as I seek to do His will and fill His call in my life.

Here is the truth that I need to speak into my doubting times.

1. God loves me.

2. God equips me.

3. God gifts me.

4. God is in control of this ministry.

5. God accepts me just as I am.

What are some truths you need to speak into your acceptance fears? Please share with me!

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3 Responses to Acceptance

  1. Angela ~

    I have revised my thinking about being a speaker. The Church has always taught us to be humble, to think of ourselves as nothing. And in its essence, this is absolute Truth. But God also gave us passion, giftings, talents and strengths that He intended to be used to build His kingdom. Why do we hesitate to speak out boldly that we are speakers or writers? The gifts came from Him; we had nothing to do with it except to nurture and hone it.

    I don’t hesitate to speak out boldly that I am a bookkeeper or office manager. I have these skills. I don’t catch my breath or make a judgment when someone tells me they are a teacher or an engineer or a plumber. But yet, those of us with subjective giftings like speaking or singing or painting or photography or writing feel as though we have to hang back and wait until others notice before we move to advance our calling lest others think we lack humility.

    Today I live in my strengths. I am finished with hanging back. This is who I was created to be. God intended it for me. I have wasted many years of kingdom-building waiting for a speaking ministry to drop in my lap. Where does the humility come in? I know where my inspiration comes from. I know who has taught me what I know. My words are His words. I have nothing to say apart from what He teaches me. I give Him the glory for the results of ministry.

    I am on a mission to encourage other speakers to speak out boldly! He has called you. Now go.

    So glad to be getting to know you better, new friend!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Candy,

      Often we mistake “humility” for “timidity.” God did not ever call us to be timid, instead He calls us to live boldly for Him. Whether we are writers, speakers or mothers or teachers, God wants us to remember we can do nothing without Him. Relying on Him does not make us less bold, but more bold. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  2. DPF says:


    For sure this blog post has spoken to me.  I await your book!  Just that scripture and your interpretation of it speaks to infertility, advance maternal age, doctors’ lack of hope, etc. etc. etc.  From one who is growing in and truly n love with Lord, keep on keeping on Angela! You are touching sooooo many!

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