When Words are not Enough

Some things happen and there are no words.

Winds tear apart cities, homes, families.

Cancer spreads.

Office politics crack and things change, maybe for always.

Birth moms have rights that do not make sense when the spirit of the law is to protect children.

Children die. Families mourn the gaping hole.

Marriages crumble and shake. Reconciliation requires death and pain for the joy at the other end.

Depression, pain, emptiness open up. She swallows pills and tries to end it all. Only to wake again to the gnawing empty pain.

I sit at my computer and I click at keys. Words flash across the screen, but words cannot fix these things. Words cannot changes destruction caused by wind, mutant cells, sinful people, the letter of the law, disease that swallows even our babies, broken people trying to live life together, or the empty chasm that at times swallows us whole.

No, words are not enough, but the Word-made flesh is. He is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is our strong tower, our shield, or ever present help in time of need. He knit each of us together and is with us in the depths and dark as well as on the mountaintop.

Here is the truth: He often saves us through the fire, not out of it. Let us lift our requests to Him who is able, to Him who is full of grace and mercy, to Him who loves you more than you love yourself.

Can you think of a time when words were not enough? Let me know how I can pray for you.

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9 Responses to When Words are not Enough

  1. Amanda Shook says:

    more than one part of that hit me pretty hard! Thanks for sharing. I especially needed that right now!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are those times we feel the world has betrayed us.  There are those times we feel like we can’t trust anyone.  There are those times we feel there’s no point to what we do.

    I find it is then that the truth of God shines brightly upon us, revealing the deepest parts of a character than even we may be aware of.  And it is in those times that we grow closer to God, painful and exhausting as that may be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes those times are opportunities for growth. But we have to choose growth and for some we have to endure the emptiness or pain until medications therapy etc start working. Those are slow hard times when often you need someone holding you up in prayer because you can’t do it yourself.

  3. Young_iv says:

    Great post today! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I can recall NUMEROUS times throughout my life time when words weren’t enough, everything from a now-recovering-alcoholic father who’s been sober for almost 15 years only now to be falling into the hands of cancer, to a family ripped apart by the tragedy of divorce, to even a seemingly never-ending struggle with insecurity. Honestly, the thing that hits hardest in this category is when friendships die. I’ve had many of them in the past 2 years that have gone that route, each one harder than the last. Still recovering from one of them.

    • Anonymous says:


      I am so sorry that things have been tough for you. I pray that God richly blesses you as He walks you through the times when there are no words.

      • As I become bolder in my faith in Him, and more confident of who I am, I’ve stood up for myself and what I believe. I speak the truth that I know and I try to do so in love, praying before during and after I share what I feel He’s telling me to say. Unfortunately the friends I have lost, didn’t want to hear the truth, only wanted to hear when I agreed with them. The blessing is, the friendships I do have now, are so much richer because they have encouraged me to continue down the path and often have helped me realize (an re-realize) that the choice to end the friendship, often not on my part, will ultimately help me help others in the long run.

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