Summer Cleaning..Right

I am not a great housekeeper. In fact I would argue that I am not even a “good” housekeeper. I actually pay someone to help clean the house…I am unorganized and I ignore things. If I don’t like the piles on the kitchen island, I don’t look at the piles. I do not think I am lazy. I just do other things. Rather than organize and pick up, I write or play with my kids. I realize I must have some balance and I do clean sometimes, but I also have a dumping room. You know the room you ignore and dump stuff there so it isn’t in view.

Anyway, this week I decided I needed to tackle my “dumping room” otherwise known as my craft room/office.

This after a few hours of cleaning...

As I boxed up children’s clothes that need to be passed on and found many treasures that somehow landed in my office I realized something. I often run through life dumping things in the dark recesses of my heart. I leave them there out of the sight of on-lookers. I sometimes fool my family even. But God knows where the dirt and junk I keep locked up hides.

The thing is God isn’t like me when I discover my kids have hidden their junk under their beds. He doesn’t come flying at me yelling at the top of His lungs about how I need to be more responsible. He just daily invites me to explore my heart with Him. He asks me to unlock the things I hide, my sin, regrets, fears, failures, pain, grief. He is a gentleman and waits for me to open the the doors and allow the light in. Other days He shows me through life, my children, my husband, and friends that there is something I need to deal with at the heart level.

He is so gentle as He pours out His blood to cleanse my heart. He cleans it up time after time little by little as I let go of my sinful stuff and instead cling to Him. Sometimes this opening up burns just like alcohol burns when used to cleanse a wound. Oh but His goal is not revenge. No His goal is healing. Sometimes the healing comes quickly other times the healing comes in slow painful stages. But being healed is worth it for it brings freedom, joy, and intimacy with God.

Are you ready for some summer cleaning?

Ask God to reveal areas in your life that you hold to yourself and don’t give to Him.

Read God’s word about what to replace that junk with.

Memorize scripture to help keep you from collecting junk.

What are some other ways you can allow God to clean your heart? Jump in and join the discussion…

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4 Responses to Summer Cleaning..Right

  1. Anonymous says:

    Invite guests over.  It’s amazing how quickly the dishes pack up in my kitchen, till it’s time to invite over other people.  Then my roommate and I furiously clean things up.

    Of course, inviting God into our lives helps to reveal the clutter in our lives.  I remember at one point thinking in my spiritual journey that God only talked to me when I prayed.  It was only later that I realized that He is with me all the time.

    Also, are we sharing with others what God is doing in our lives? If we’re not sharing, is it because we have nothing to share or no one to share it with?

    Or, as the old saying goes, doesn’t sunshine make the best disinfectant?

  2. Sandra Clayton says:

     I, too, Angela, have one of those “dump” rooms – which is SUPPOSED to be my office … in my defense, it’s also the t.v. room and the laundry room and the ironing room and the sewing room.  I was delighted to see your photo, as it so resembles my “back room” , as I’m always calling it. ha  (I don’t think you are a terrible, awful, horrible person because of YOUR  “dump” room – so maybe I’m not either!)  I’m convinced we need at least one more room in this small house – THEN, I’m “sure”, I could “get organized”. Couldn’t I?  Or not.

    Actually, I find that the “cleaning” often comes when I allow myself to “be” ….. QUIET.  Whether quietly standing and contemplating the messiness of a room, or quietly contemplating the spiritual messiness of my heart. When I make myself be quiet, then I am more apt to SEE what needs cleaned, what needs organized, what needs pitched out….. both in a room and in my heart and life.

    “Be”.   “Quiet”.  That’s often the way I see what needs cleaned – in my house or in my life.

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