My voice reaches His ears. He who can hear my thoughts and knit me together.

He who holds the universe in His hand and keeps us from floating off this rock that is hurtling through space.

Yes the God who keeps the air breathable and knows the stars by name, He hears us. Not only does He hear us, but He asks us to talk to Him. Us – walking breathing clumps of dirt.

My mind cannot comprehend it. I do not understand what I can offer my Creator. Why He wants me to tell Him what He already knows. Yet He does. He wants us to pray out words and listen to Him speak and praise Him and cry out to Him and cling to Him.

So what can we say to Him who is able and amazing and worthy that really matters?

I pray for my family that we grow to love God more and more every day and honor Him in all we do and say. That our family will make an impact for Christ. That we will be instruments that God uses for His glory to be seen. That our love for Him would pour over into humble obedience. That we would honor others above ourselves. That our lives would ooze grace.

I pray for healing, reconciliation, direction…God-sized prayers. He is able to make a way when we see no way.

Praying this way hurts because God is able, but God’s ways are not mine. Sometimes He doesn’t heal physically, reconciliation doesn’t happen, steps are lighted, but paths and process remain unseen. God is beyond me. Some days I am more OK with that than others. Some days I rest in Him and other days I rage against His ways.

Oh but I never stop praying. I never stop coming to His throne. To whom else can I go? He is God. He is great. He is good. I must trust that.

What do you pray for? What can I pray for you? Join in.

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8 Responses to Praying

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m praying I survive teaching four year olds next week at VBS.  They found someone else to do sounds and light so I’ll be leading the four year old team.  Haha!

    Also need prayer because I’ll be a counselor at Camp WOW with the youth the week after that.  Busy, busy summer…

  2. HT says:

    Angela, your writings have such conviction and such an outporing of love, hope and faith.  This message was just what I needed today.  God speaks to your heart and your sharing speaks to mine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Helen, You are such an encouragement to me. I am humbled that God would use my words to bless you. I pray my words are His, but often they are not. Love you dear sister in Christ.

  3. More often than not, I find myself praying for the fractured relationships of the world. I’ve had my fair share of them, and I understand all too well the pain we all have due to them. I pray either for healing from the pain, and also (if possible/probable) for reconciliation to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amy, I think reconciliation is one of the hardest things to pray for. More often than not it involves waiting for one party to want to reconcile and then it involves both parties working hard to rebuild the relationship. I would say that without God reconciliation is nearly always impossible, but with Him all things are possible. I will pray with you that God puts a heart of reconciliation in the brokenness of relationships. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yet Diago says:

    This is inspirational. Being a mother of 4 boys, I rarely have time alone at home. My only moment with God is when I travel to the office. I pray and talk to him but more often than not, I find lots of distractions around me in my 30-minute travel and I’mreally struggling to focus. I just hope my prayers are acceptable to him.

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