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I told you I finally saw my name in print the other day. Yes, my first published article! Guess what? Now you can see it! Click on the resource topic to your left and in there you will find my new article. It is about my in-vitro fertilization journey. I hope it is helpful for anyone thinking about IVF or anyone who is walking with a friend or loved one who is experiencing infertility. Considering stopping by Stepping Stones‘s website to learn more about infertility and find other resources.

I also have another free resource for you. The first edition of my newsletter is hot of the press (literally and figuratively). In it is some information about me, but also a great article about Wrestling with God. I hope it really blesses you and draws you nearer to the One who holds all the answers. Find it by clicking on the new topic labeled “Newsletter.”

I have been reading the first part of Moses’ story to my little L. We have been reading Exodus 1 and 2. What strikes me is that a king rose up who did not know Joseph and so he oppresses the Israelites. I wonder how this king didn’t know. Oh, but then I see it in my life. When I don’t force myself to commemorate a day, I don’t remember it. Each year we celebrate Easter and Christmas. We remember birthdays, but I forget so many things. That is why God set up so many feast days and celebration days for the Israelites. Not only because it was great to celebrate together, but because each feast reminded them of something God did in their past.

Are we remembering what God is doing in our lives. Have we written down details of God’s amazing work in our lives? Do we remember the Josephs in our lives that pointed out God and challenged us to love Him more? Do we take time to look at our lives and see God working? Do we remember?

How do you set aside special time to remember what God is doing in your life? If you don’t how do you plan on doing it? What can you do to commemorate God’s work in your life? Share with me. I can’t wait to hear!

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4 Responses to More Good Stuff…

  1. D2 says:

    Typically, I follow the holiday schedule. So, for Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ll honor my mother. Same thing for Father’s Day. Thank our soldiers on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day, and Veterans Day.

    Although, the one date that stands out for me that’s different from most people is April 30th, 1975. My parents always remind me that’s when Saigon fell, and that’s the reason we’re in America now. I am where I am now because God worked through that moment in history.

    • That is a great remembrance that your parents have given you. God uses everything to work out for His glorious purpose. I just hope I am good about telling others.

      When I remember how God brought us to Fort Smith or how He worked during difficult times I am amazed, but do I pass it on to my kids, my friends? Do I live a lifestyle of remembrance?

  2. Daniel Mackey says:

    I need to keep a journal to commemorate the things God has done for me.

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