A Miracle…Really

I witnessed a miracle yesterday. Actually I was the one healed, so this is pretty good stuff. Seriously…

I couldn’t get up Monday morning. I hit snooze a few (five or six) times. Then I actually changed my alarm so I could get more than 9 minutes of sleep in a row. I was wiped out. Finally I rolled out of bed and started my morning routine.

Then it happened. I rubbed my eye and suddenly I felt like I had something in my eye. I tried washing it with water. Then my husband tried flushing it with contact solution. Next we found the eye wash kit and tried that to no avail. I showered and tried getting whatever was in there or felt like was in there out. My eye was red, watering, and basically refusing to open. There was no way I could get the kids up much less drive them to school.

Miracle #1 My Wonderful husband got the kids up and ready. He took out the trash. All I had to do was help prepare breakfast and make his lunch so we could quickly leave the house.

Miracle #2 The kids did GREAT in the non-routine racing out the door sort of way. It was amazing.

Miracle #3 My husband called an ophthalmologist who agreed to see me first thing!!! So my man dropped J and myself off at this doctor’s office and headed to work.

Miracle #4 A friend was in the same office building and was able to meet me at the doctor’s office. She sat with me through my appointment. Then drove J and I home!

Miracle #5 My eye was still bothering me when we got home. It was really uncomfortable. The doctor had given me a steroid eye drop in the office and sent me home with lubricating drops to take about once an hour or more if needed. He told me if I wasn’t better by Tuesday that I would need to come back to his office. About 2 and half hours later, my eye really started bothering me again. I had just put drops in it so I slowly massaged (really I rubbed it but massage sounds better). Suddenly the pain and sensation that a large grain of sand was gone. God healed my eye!

A miraculous day indeed…God worked it all out in His perfect timing and in His perfect way. He is so good to work in our lives!

So how is God working in your life?

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4 Responses to A Miracle…Really

  1. D2 says:

    Growing up, I used to think it was crazy that people went to church on Wednesdays. I could barely fit Sunday mornings into my schedule, and people were actually spending Wednesday nights on a non-academic related activity. This was especially true when I worked weekends at the movie theater my junior year of high school.

    But now that I’ve completely given over my life to Christ, I’ve found that I have all the time to do the things I need to do. And I’m pretty sure I’m even busier than I was back then, and I’m even more productive despite being saddled with decidedly more adult responsibilities. Though I currently struggle with stress-induced narcolepsy, I know the LORD wants me to overcome this for His plan.

    Proverbs 16:3 says,
    “3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
    and your plans will succeed.”

  2. Thanks for that post. I’m waiting for God to do a miracle in my life and this is confirmation that He is able, even today!

    Tiffany, The Committed Wife

    • Tiffany,

      I am praying that God does a miracle in your life. His able! The cool thing is that I don’t even have to know what the miracle you are praying for is, God knows. 😉

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