Taking Time for Zacchaeus

“‘cchaeus, mommy I wuv dat song,” he lisps as he stands unmoving in the middle of the hallway of his school. “You sing it mommy pwease,” his eyes dance as he smiles and nods at me.

In my head I had a check-list of all the things we needed to do before picking up his sisters from school. Dishes to wash, visiting the potty to ensure my sweet son stayed on the potty train, sweep the floor under the table, start folding the five or six clean loads of laundry in the laundry room. I didn’t have much time, but time was what my boy needed at that minute.

I am not the mom with the clean house, laundry neatly folded. I am not the mom with the great craft ideas every week (although we do some crafts). I don’t always play with my children the minute they ask, but I have learned something. There are moments – moments to savor, enjoy, teach, and love. My little man is growing up, in what will feel like a few short days he won’t want to sing Zacchaeus any more.

So we stopped and sang Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man in the middle of the hallway, motions included. In fact we sang it through twice!

What do you need to take the time to do? Who do you need to call? Do you need to sing Zacchaeus with someone? Share with me…

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8 Responses to Taking Time for Zacchaeus

  1. Heather says:

    They are so cute!

  2. D2 says:

    Haha, nice! What was up with L and her tongue wagging?

    This reminds me though, I need to call my sister. I’ve gotten caught up in things and haven’t talked to her in a week or so…

    • L likes to be funny. 😉 she just decided to do that and I wasn’t about to stop her and not get a movie at all. In fact she wanted to see what she looked like when she was acting crazy. Silly L.

      Yes call your sister. My little brother should do the same. 😉 love you C!

  3. Melanie says:

    I really like the pj combo of batman and spider man on J. And they are all cute.

  4. Angela Freeman says:

    PRECIOUS Video! I can’t believe how big they’re all getting and how much J can talk now! I have a video of Caleb singing this when he was around 2 years that is so sweet as well… Yes, we have to enjoy these precious, fleeting moments!

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