It is That Time in Our House… Potty training time.

I haven’t met anyone yet who says they love to potty train. I am in that boat. Yet at some point the child must learn.

order Lyrica online usa Wednesday I gave a talk and had a babysitter come to watch my little potty training man. I gave her the run down on how the potty training was going, told her she may have to take him potty (instead of waiting for him to tell her he needed to go), and left.

When I got back my wonderful babysitter and I were debriefing and it came out.

Navarre Babysitter: “Yeah, I couldn’t really figure out what the Cheerios on the back of the toilet were for.”

Insert awkward smile and slightly red cheeks.

Me: “Oh, I uh forgot to mention that.”

Babysitter: “J informed me that he wanted “shoot them” and I figured it out.”

So the secret is out. We are using Cheerios as target practice and I forgot to tell my babysitter that I wasn’t allowing my children to eat while they did their business.

I am so glad my J is so verbal or I may have had a lot of explaining to do. 🙂

I would love to hear any funny story you have to share! Eccl 3:4 says there is a “time to laugh.” So lets make that time now! I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Please comment and share your stories! I can’t wait to get to know you!

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2 Responses to It is That Time in Our House…

  1. D2 says:

    Well, I remember my mom telling me that one time at work, one of her coworkers called another coworker a bad word (it starts with an a, and ends in “hole”). Well, she’d only been in the States for a year or so, so of course she asks, “What’s that?”

    Apparently, that diffused the tension that had been building up as both of her coworkers laughed. Oh, but my mom, being the curious person she is, kept asking “What’s a [cesnored]? What is that?”

    I guess after an awkward pause, my mom went for the coup de grace…

    “Well, if you can’t explain it in words, can you draw it for me?”

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