Exciting Things Are Happening Now

It is March. In March my husband claims my eyes turn into basketballs. Did you know that I LOVE college basketball specifically the University of Kansas?


It is March Madness in full swing and I am so excited about getting to see some amazing basketball games. I am also hoping my team gets to play all the way through April, but that is a different story.

What I am really excited about is a new blog design. YES! it is in the works. I can’t wait to reveal it in the next few weeks! I am praying the design will not only look better, but serve you better. Insert a happy dance. I don’t have much rhythm though. LOL! (I have been doing some pee-pee dancing for the potty training kiddo though).

I do have something exciting to reveal today as well…You know I have a new logo…Now I have a new tagline… 😉

Do you want to read it?!

Blooming in Faith Through His Transforming Grace

Thank you Bronson Ma of Bronson Ma Creative for working through this process with me!

That is what Rethinking My Thinking is all about. Our faith blooming and growing through His grace that transforms us! Oh friends I am excited. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this ministry.

What I need to know…I need to know what you would like to see in my new blog design. A better search function? A better comment section? Any other ideas?

Jump in and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get to know you all!

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0 Responses to Exciting Things Are Happening Now

  1. knmkendall says:

    We’re BIG KU fans too! March is our favorite time of year. There are not many KU fans around here in California so I’m always excited to find one. Love that team!

  2. D2 says:

    Kansas has the player of the year this year, and depending on their draw I think they’re a lock for at least an Elite Eight, if not Final Four this year. I’m seriously considering taking them as the champion in my bracket that I do with my friends. On a somewhat related note, I’m jaded enough as a Razorbacks fan to know that we were going to botch that comeback last night.

    Oh, I love the new tagline! Now your logo makes a lot of sense. Hmmm, Miss Angela, here’s some features I’ve seen on other blogs that you may want to consider:

    1. Making your logo into a banner on top of your page, that’s clickable to the main page.

    2. Calendar view. WordPress organizes your posts by month by default, but I find it useful to have a calendar view that shows how many posts you made per day, much like a real life calendar. For example, if you didn’t make any posts for March 14th, it’d be blank, but if you made two posts on March 15th, you could click on the number “2” and it would bring up the links. If you have the time to customize, you can actually list the posts on the calendar page, but that requires quite a bit more coding. Bronson might know what I’m talking about here.

    3. Looking at the right hand column of your page, it’s a bit cluttered. I’d at least organize it to where the RSS Feed, email subscription, Facebook, and Twitter are in succession.

    4. Well, this is more of a personal request, but I’d love to see Polishing Rough Thoughts make your blogroll some day. ^_^

  3. smithlaurel says:

    The new logo looks terrific!
    I think it would be nice to tie into the colors some more (like you’ve done with the “Rethinking my Thinking” over on the left, just adding in some more pops of color here and there).
    Is there a reason the right and left sidebars begin at different points on the page?
    It’s looking good!

    • Laurel…
      So glad you had time to pop over here while moving! I am impressed. Thanks friend.

      This is my old blog design…I am working on getting a new one…I will be looking at lay-outs next week. I am hoping to get all the colors to look right.
      Currently this blog’s theme is a bit strange in that the left column moves as you scroll. I think that is why it doesn’t start at the same point as the right hand column. That will be changing though.

      Thanks for the ideas friend!

  4. Angela Freeman says:

    LOVE the new blog design and tag line!!! So creative and cute! Just like the other girl said, color adds so much as well. Go Jayhawks!!!

  5. Melanie says:

    Love the new tagline, sis. Can’t wait to see the re-design! Agree with Laurel on the colors and sidebars. and Daniel on the logo at the top banner position! And — “Go, Jayhawks!”

    • Thanks Mel. I am getting excited about the redesign. I am also having to learn a lot! 😉 This could be dangerous. 😉 Thanks for your thoughts about the redesign!

  6. Daniel Mackey says:

    I’d like to see this plugin on your blog:


    That way I can get your articles on my Kindle!

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