Saturdays are for…

Walking down memory lane…

Yesterday L wanted to bring something that wasn’t hers to show-and-tell. Her sister E would NOT let her take the toy she wanted to take. So I let L take somethings from our (her daddy and my) wedding. A few pictures, two silk “flowers” that once held bird seed (that stuck to EVERYTHING by the way), and our wedding “program.” I had written a poem and put it on the front of the very simple program. Here is the poem:


Walking hand-in-hand through
the freezing cold,
Staying together through
the blazing heat,
Running side-by-side through
the beautiful meadows,
Lifting each other through
the deep canyons,
Encouraging each other through
the long climbs,
Holding on the each other through
the rough storms,
Dancing close together through
the beautiful sunrises,
And loving each other through
the endless sunset.

Love you my sweet husband! Loving you more and more through the years! Thanks for loving me.

How about you? Any fond memories this Saturday is bringing back? Leave a comment and share!

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4 Responses to Saturdays are for…

  1. Erica Ortiz says:

    I love my family and cherish the times I have with them. But when I think of my summers at KBC, I can’t stop smiling. From dying the toilets pink to peeing in my pants laughing so hard. From watching shooting stars on the rooftop to washing an endless amount of camp dishes quoting verses and singing songs. From staining the white walls of the cabin with splotches of purple/pink to ringing the bell everytime one of our cherished friends drove away. Those memories I cherish as well and can’t wait for my daughter, Faith, to make her own memories at KBC her first year this year!

  2. Letty Meek says:

    I have fond memories of MAKING those silk flowers that were filled with bird seed. I believe I have a couple in my scrapbook. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years….

    • I also have fond memories of your kids trying to light candles at my wedding and they wouldn’t stay lit! 🙂 I didn’t care. I was getting married. 😉

      Thanks for helping get those things made!

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