Same Flood Different Foundation

Did you know that I am writing a book? I have a few friends reading over the manuscript currently. plaguey One of them e-mailed me and said that the difference between Christians and Non-Christians is their foundation. The wise builder and the foolish builder went through the same flood, but the one with the firm foundation wasn’t wiped away.

interpretively We all go through floods. Floods of illness, infertility, financial crisis, death, loss. purchase provigil online The question is how firm is your foundation? Have you allowed Jesus to be your foundation? Have you dug in deep to His truth? Are you walking in close relationship to Him daily?

I do not always walk closely with my Lord. I sometimes falter and fail. I turn to myself, my friends, my husband, my children and build my life on them instead of Him. Those parts of my building crumble when the floods come. Only the parts deeply rooted in Jesus stand firm. There were times when the floods came and I discovered I had Jesus as my foundation, but nothing deeply rooted in Him. The flood swept it all away. I was left with my foundation. I was left with my Savior.

He is more than enough, but I don’t want to labor in vain. I my life to stand firm despite the raging flood. I want my life to count. Not because it makes me a better person, I am a wretch. Not because it makes God love me more, all my deeds are like filth to Him. I want my life to count because I want to bring glory to God. I want Him to get the credit, honor, and glory for all of it.

How do we build a firm foundation? We read His word, we find a fellowship of believers who sharpens us, challenges us, guides us, loves us, supports us. We pray and live a life of thanksgiving to the Giver of all things. Each thing we thank God for strengthens our foundation. Each prayer sent up draws us ever closer to Him, who is our Strength. Each time we dig into His word, we discover more about His abundant grace. Let’s never forget to dig down deep into our God who loves us so!

How is your foundation? What are you doing to dig deep into your Foundation? Stick around and share with me…I can’t wait to hear about your foundation.

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5 Responses to Same Flood Different Foundation

  1. D2 says:

    I believe that God wiped away my prideful, self-reliant foundation so I could start over on solid rock. Currently, I am sharpening and being sharpened by a wide spectrum of age groups. I’ve got my four year olds at one end, to the teenage Quiz Bowlers, to the twenty somethings of the College and Career group, to the thirty something plus of the Singles Connection, to the forty plus Sunday morning class with Miss Marsha.

    And what I’ve learned is that I really needed to get back to the basics. Read the Word. Thank Him. Praise the Lord. Serve others. The one I’m working on now is trusting God…

  2. Margareta says:

    Stumbled on your blog post through Stumbleupon. You already know I am signing up to your feed.

  3. Angela, I love your transparency. This post about our personal foundations reminded me of when I first started caring for my parents. In the beginning my dad would say that ‘you’re a big help’ then after a couple of weeks he told he was I ‘his rock’ – 2 months later when he died he told me I was ‘solid gold.’ I strive, though fail often to continue to be solid gold to those around me, especially my Glorious God.

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