Mommy Nearly Failed…

The tears started to flow. I felt terrible. I had forgotten. The full parking lot told the story.


The day when I am supposed to get up early and get the kids to school early so we can eat muffins or donuts and hang out together. I had completely forgotten.

I had excuses…Ranging from it was originally scheduled for Thursday, it is always on a Thursday – the snow and ice earlier this week had caused it to be rescheduled – to I have too much to do today – drivers license renewed, police report to get from the fence incident earlier this week, and and and. The the excuses rang hollow when I saw the tears in my girls’ eyes. We HAD to go.

I was working at the 50's themed book fair later...Didn't get a pic this year 🙁

So I swallowed my mommy pride, tucked my tail and made a mad dash for the building while avoiding icy patches so we wouldn’t fall. I felt terrible as morning assembly had just started and instead of sending my girls to their teachers to take part in the assembly we ran to the lunch tables to eat together. The thing is that I did make it. We got to eat muffins and donuts. It was brief, but it was also God’s perfect timing…WHY?

One of L’s little friends came in to school. Neither of her parents realized it was Moms and Muffins and so she was in tears because she didn’t get a muffin. So I got to add a “pretend” daughter to my brood today. In fact, in order to make it more special for R, we decided she and L could be pretend sisters all day at school. With the muffin in her tummy and the idea of a pretend sister in her head she had a BIG SMILE! No more tears.

So my near fail was another example of God’s perfect timing. He knows. He knew I would nearly fail today, He knew R would need a “pretend Mommy” and “pretend sister” for the day. He knows. He is weaving time into a magnificent masterpiece all pointing to His glory and honor!

He uses our imperfections to reach others for His glory. We only have to let Him use them instead of trying to hide them away. His glory shines all the more brightly when housed in our cracked earthen vessels. We “mud people” make Him more glorious when we allow our flaws to point to His glory!

May His name be praised in my near fail, in the smile of my two girls, and in the dried tears of sweet R.

How has God used your failures or imperfections to bring Himself glory? I would love to hear how you are allowing God to redeem what is broken.

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13 Responses to Mommy Nearly Failed…

  1. Daniel Mackey says:

    Been there, done that, I still allow me get in the way of God’s glory. Thanks for the reminder! Love, Your Husband

  2. What a precious, precious post.
    What a lovely heart you have that you “adopted” another little girl so that she could join in. It’s quite possible that your daughter now has a friend for life.

    My fails are numerous. My heart, heavy over it.
    I don’t ever feel like I teach my children about Jesus enough or help usher them toward the path to knowing and loving God.

    But somehow, in my imperfections, my daughter still asked about heaven, said she wanted to go, said she wanted to follow Christ. And I was given the privilege to lead my daughter to Christ a few weeks ago. Somehow, in the noise that I hear everyday, she still heard his voice.

    I’m looking forward to following you more frequently. I watched your vlog last night. You are so sweet. And your heart precious.

    Thanks for being you and sharing yourself on your blog.

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t it amazing that God uses us despite us? I am rejoicing with you that your daughter is now also your sister in Christ! What an awesome privilege (just have to confess took me several tries and a dictionary to finally spell that word right…UGH!) to lead your child to Him who makes all things new and good in His time.

      Thank you for joining in!

  3. D2 says:

    Well, despite the overflow of talent that the good Lord has given me, I still don’t have a college degree. But, it’s allowed me to stay around the Fort, and so I’ve helped out Quiz Bowl and the preschool class at church, which I might not otherwise have had the opportunity.

    Although I still struggle with “what might have been,” I’m beginning to see what is and look forward to what will be.

    • Daniel…God is going to bless you because you are available. You know that the “what might have been” was not part of God’s plan because your choices cannot change an All-Powerful, All-Knowing God’s plan. He would have preferred you to make great choices always, but He knew your choices and you are not on plan B or C…No you are on plan G (God’s plan). He will guide and direct you as you make yourself available to Him.

  4. Cristina says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I think that I’m the only Mom “nearly” failing. But, then I read this and know that every Mom experiences this.
    I left my career to raise my daughter, but just recently started it back up. Sometimes I think of how much “farther along” I would be in my career had I not put it on hold for 5 years. But, then I think of all I would have missed with my family in those 5 years! Makes it all worthwhile!

    • Cristina…I think in this sinful fallen world all moms are at least “nearly” failing. No one is perfect! However I talk myself into thinking I am the only one sometimes. Praying for you and your career as a mommy and in the business world. I know your little S is glad that you paused your career. Blessings!

  5. Debbie says:

    Looks like forgetting the “Superwoman Cape” at home worked out for God! What an awesome God in how He makes all work for good!

  6. Kaitlyn butler says:

    Wow GOD had the perfect plan all along,and u all were happy,cant beat that!!:)

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