1,000 Gifts continued

disjunctively “It’s my dun mommy,” his voice louder than necessary as he points to a plastic cap on his coat. “I shoot bad duys [guys].”

buy antabuse online cheap “Shhh, it is OK to pretend to shoot bad guys, but we need to use our indoor voice,” I encourage and quietly pray no one heard him.

He persists in describing his gun and shooting bad guys as most two-year-old boys are apt to do. The problem? We were at the DMV getting my license renewed. At least we weren’t at the airport. I am praying he is out of that stage before we go on our next plane ride. I somehow doubt it, but we made it through the DMV without having to speak to anyone packing real heat. And so begins my list of things I am thankful for…

176. Little boys and their imaginations!
177. No one called the cops when J was talking about guns and shooting at the DMV.
178. No one was hurt when they slid into our fence and knocked over the gas thing.
179. We never lost gas at our house during that time.
180. For the reminder of the bread and the cup. Reminders that I can touch and taste of what God did for my spirit.
181. Singing songs in the car with my kids on the way to school. My van turns into a rolling worship service.
182. Listening to God’s word on www.biblegateway.com with my kids. They understand more than I realize.
183. My little L’s probing questions.
184. An article that a magazine is considering publishing. It is opening opportunities for my kids to see God working and learning patience with me.
185. That God chose that our joy in Him is our strength.
186. My 6th grade girls are growing and changing to be more like Jesus.
187. The mercy and grace my kids and husband give me.
188. The opportunity to work with Bronson Ma to design my logo, business card, etc.
189. Learning lots of new things
190. The book fair at my girls’ school…We got several new inexpensive books. We LOVE books!
191. My husband’s gentle reminders to make things right.
192. Coffee with friends
193. Dinner with a family, our kids play so well together.
194. Watching a friend’s child to lighten her load
195. New friendships
196. 17 hours of snowing here in Arkansas! NOTE: Only an inch or two accumulated as it melted while it was falling, but it was BEAUTIFUL
197. Superbowl Sunday…I LOVE football and we didn’t do anything special…Just watched with the family and it was WONDERFUL!
198. E telling her Sunday School class mommy’s birthday is this Wednesday and exactly how old I will be! 😉
199. That Jesus would die for a wretch like me.
200. God confirming His perfect plan for me each step of the way.

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6 Responses to 1,000 Gifts continued

  1. D2 says:

    Thankful for good veterinarians. I took my roomie’s cat for a follow up check up and it seems he’s okay, and his fur is growing back where he kept scratching himself.

    By the way, be prepared to sing “Father Abraham” for the next two weeks. =)

  2. Kaitlyn butler says:

    Lately ive been getting trouble alot well sordof,and so i feel like god isnt smiling down on me.and that hes not proud of what he created.so i keep reminding myself,
    1.dont argue
    2.dont complain
    3.be positive
    And alot of others but i asked god if there was another way i could remember all of this and that he would give me a vverse,but before i could finish that though it hit me all of a sudden.proverbs 3:5-6 trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding,seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.i tried to remember all that stuff to please god in tough situations but now i can like just remember that verse it is alot easier!!!yaaaa

    • Kaitlyn, You are so right! God will give us wisdom and direction if we ask Him. Memorizing His word gives us “short-cuts” to help us do what He wants us to do. When we love God, we desire to serve Him. I can tell that you love Him. Remember He loves you and gave His Son for you! That is huge. I love you, but I would not give up my son for you. But God loves you so much that He did that! His love and grace are amazing!

  3. Kaitlyn butler says:

    When your say that i love god i dont “feel” like i love him,but i want to serve him so he can b proud of me.how do i make sure i really do love him??

    • What do you think it feels like to love God? How do people show God they love Him? Look at John 14:23. How does Jesus tell us to show us our love for Him?

      What did Jesus do for you? He died to forgive our sins. How does that make you feel? Are you thankful that He “died to make a wretch (that’s you and me) His treasure?”

      I am praying for you as you work through these issues. Read God’s word, pray to Him. As you get to know Him better the stronger you will “feel” but remember our relationship with God isn’t based on our feelings. It is based on truth. On God Himself who does not change.

      Praying for you!

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