Scripture Memory Challenge… Just wanted to do a little housekeeping…

Várzea da Palma 1. God is working on me lately. Mostly reminding me that if I don’t humble myself before Him, He can and will humble me. I would prefer to humble myself under His hand so He can raise me up (1 Peter 5:6), not to be humbled by Him. More on that in future posts.

can you buy Pregabalin in mexico 2. I am super excited to be working with Bronson Ma of Bronson Ma Creative to help me focus my ministry and develop a recognizable website, logo, etc. I want you all to be part of this process. So be looking for opportunities to give me feedback. I can’t wait to see how God will use my new logo, website, etc to glorify Himself. (Back to humbling myself or being humbled I want it all to be for His kingdom and His glory not mine).

3. I challenged you all a while back to memorize scripture. I told you I would be working on the book of James. So below I am adding a video of the part I have memorized for now. It is James 1-2:12 in the NIV version (not the 2010 one, but the earlier one). I do not think it is quite perfect, but it is close. I did this video in two takes. Mostly because I forgot to change my screen saver settings in the middle of the first one my screen saver came on. It was pretty humorous, but I got so distracted I couldn’t finish. So attempt #2 is what you see below. I hope it encourages you that you can do this too. Not because I can do it, but because God can do it in me.

I am praying that you are memorizing God’s word and meditating on it. It is such a blessing to me. Please share with me what you are memorizing! I can’t wait to see what God is doing through you!

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  1. judy says:

    His word will not return void. How much will God use this memorized word in your life! I imagine that He already has.

    • Judy,

      Yes, so many of the verses that can now spill out of me are inside me changing me. So much grace from God. So much…Questions…Am I the rich who are exploiting? Am I showing favoritism? Am I listening to the word and not doing it? Oh that and more! He is so good to not leave me as I am!

  2. D2 says:

    Very nice, Miss Angela. I think I’m going to have to stick to the 2010 version, I’m confusing the verses when I try to go back to the older one. My laptop’s webcam isn’t that great so I’m going to have to borrow my roommate’s sometime.

    The verse that says we should ask God for wisdom, but that we must believe and not doubt gets me. I’ve made myself a doubter, a skeptic, so blind faith is foreign to me. I’m praying that God releases that from me.

  3. smithlaurel says:

    You are such an encouragement, Angela. Thank you for sharing what the Father is doing.
    We’ve been memorizing Ephesians. Most of the Blessings have chapter 1 pretty solid, and we’re firming up 2.1-7 as we finish up the month.

    • How great is that Laurel? I have found that the more scripture I memorize the more I can breathe in and out grace as Ann Voskamp (I think it was her) puts it. His word changes things. Mostly me and my sinful stuff!

      So glad that your blessings are doing it with you. Mine are working on verses for school and AWANA. So right now we aren’t working together per se. Although I often memorize their verses with them. I know your example to your blessings will bless them.

  4. Kaitlyn butler says:

    Well ive been thinking,i haven talked to my mom about this stuff in a while,maybe it would be a good thing, we used to do that alot and she likes to know these things,maybe she and i Could talk through them.but thank you for the offer!:DHow are your kids doing though?

    • Kaitlyn,

      That is why I think you need to pray for them and yourself. Then you need to talk with them. Ask if there is something you did to hurt them and be prepared to hear something you don’t want to hear…Also be prepared to ask forgiveness if you have been in the wrong. Also be honest and let them know how you are feeling…hurt, confused, left out…

      Praying for you all!

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