A Little Reality

In case you have a picture of me…Dressed perfectly…Perfect kids…Neat and tidy house….

Let me tell you the reality of me…

1. I LOVE to wear “work-out clothes.” Always. An elastic waistband and a cotton t-shirt make me smile. I feel home. Don’t get me wrong dressing up is ok, but I prefer active wear. 😉 Dressing like that is more comfortable and quicker than dressing up…

2. Sometimes my kids and I have p.j. days. Yes really…I spend a whole day wearing pajamas. In fact I am tainting my kids because they LOVE p.j. days too.

3. I have no ability to organize. I dream of a tidy home, I try to, there are times when it is better than others. However most days my house looks like an office and a toy room married and had kids. Papers and toys everywhere. I claim my twin sister stole my organizing gene in utero. She is organized and tidy. I am not. Praying somehow the gene is recessive and my kids can have it…I doubt it, but I would like it!

4. My kids are not perfect. I have drama, thumb-sucking, potty-training issues, and straight up defiance. I wonder where they got that? Let’s move on…

5. I often have to warm up my coffee because I get distracted and don’t drink it until it is cold. Sometimes I drink it cold.

6. I love my husband, but I often don’t respond to him as I should. Yet he loves me and calls me beautiful (even on my p.j. days).

I am glad that God doesn’t call the perfect…Aren’t you? He loves us the way we are and sees Jesus in us. AMAZING!!!

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I am praying for you and appreciate your prayers for me!

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6 Responses to A Little Reality

  1. Jody Wein says:

    I love hearing other “got-it-together” women be so honest! It’s like we could be twins…except that I’m a lot older than you! I truly WANT to be organized, but it just never seems to happen! And Kari commented to me yesterday that she laughs when she opens the microwave and my morning coffee is in it. Can’t count how many times that’s happened! And as for p.j. days, LOVE ‘EM! Bless you! 🙂

  2. D2 says:

    1. I love pajama pants. I’d wear them out in public if I could.

    2. I’m highly fond of nerdy/witty shirts. My entire wardrobe would consist of them if I didn’t need dress shirts for business reasons.

    3. My family, who remembers the shy boy they met at a few weddings, is surprised that I’m a good public speaker. My friends, who know me as a good public speaker, are surprised I’m actually a rather anti-social person.

    4. I like to cook, but I hate to wash dishes. This causes a problem because my roomie also hates washing dishes, so things can pile up after awhile. Hmmm, I probably should resolve some of that pile up now…

    5. I’m really, really good at foosball. My dad bought me a foosball table when I was ten years old and I’d spend hours thinking up of all kinds of trick shots. I’m way too interested in the foosball tables at the new Amp’d building.

    6. No seriously, I’m a master at foosball. I can beat people with only one hand!

  3. Jo says:

    Angela you have impressed me from the first time I met you. God has always walked beside you, and talked though you.
    The first 3 years of marriage with my husband were full of anger, confusion, and fear at every corner. I had to give everything to God because Satan was destroying me, my marriage, and my daughter.
    I gave things over to God and I quit being concerned about what the house looked like, or if my daughter did the dishes and laundry. It was much more important to thank God that I had God, my family and my health. I am much happier now. My home is a mess at ALL times. My husband loves me very much, my daughter and grandson love me very much. Most of all, God loves me more that I can ever know.
    I can finally talk about how relaxed I have become in my home to the stepparents we work with. It has taken a long time to realize that it is not that I have become lazy, but that there are more important things to me.

    • Thank you Jo!

      I am so glad that we don’t have to be perfect! Isn’t it great that there are more important things than say an organized house? Don’t get me wrong, I still aspire to do better, but I am not going to put pressure on myself God never intended to be there.

      Thanks for sharing your story with me! I appreciate you!

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