1,000 Gifts Continued

Deventer Have you ever noticed that enemy tries to attack us and drag us down when we are stepping out in faith? So we have these warring factions in our hearts… Bangui One encouraging me because I am doing God’s will and it brings the peace and joy that comes from honoring and glorifying our Lord and Savior. buy Ivermectin online in u.k The other brings doubts or stresses or points to the messy house, it brings discouragement, frustration, and a measuring stick that I could never possibly attain.

So here I am… Monday morning…messy kitchen, toys flung throughout the house, heart at war with itself…And yet I am still so thankful and grateful to our God. I am overwhelmed by His grace and mercy. I am awed by His love. I am thankful for so many things…Here is a list.

126.     My son stayed in his big boy bed the first night all night!

127.     Molly the talented photographer who took pictures of me

128.     Encouraging words from women I highly respect

129.     Time of worship in song

130.    Tears of thankfulness shed for my loving Savior

131.     No one mentioning the smear of mascara under my eyes after service

132.    NFL Play-off weekend

133.     College Basketball season

134.     Pudgy hands clutching “sootballs” (footballs)

135.  Pudgy cheeks to kiss

136.  My sixth grade girls in Sunday School. They are really starting to dig into God’s word

137.  Inexpensive CUTE shoes

138.  My supportive, loving, wonderful husband

139.  When my son talks in exclamation points with his voice, eyes, and body language

140.  Sore muscles (yes I have started working out again)

141.  Golden grass…I think it is pretty, you can think it is dead, but I like it. 😉

142.  Baking with three little chefs

143.  My 7-year-old making pop-bead jewelry for the whole family

144.  Toy scattered floors (signs of life)

145.  Good report at the eye doctor for my sweet L! She is doing much much better with her glasses!

146.  Glasses actually keep L from being so clumsy. Praise God for the school nurse testing her and her Eye Doctor working with us!

147.  Colder weather for cuddling, hot chocolate

148.  My kids love me to read to them and I love to read

149.  The Action Bible (if you haven’t checked it out it is GREAT). My kids LOVE it as a tool to help them understand scripture.

150.  My husband’s face of joy and fun while he plays his guitar

What are you grateful for?

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0 Responses to 1,000 Gifts Continued

  1. D2 says:

    I’m grateful for the people that the Lord has put in my life. I often don’t think I deserve the friends I have, but I’m glad I have them. They give me a good deal on rent, pay for some of meals, encourage me and make me smile.

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to moderate Quiz Bowl again. I’ve gotten the chance to moderate two tournaments over the past two weekends and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the the highs of victory and the lows of defeat.

    I’m grateful for my four year old kids on Sunday mornings. I’m pretty sure they’ve taught me more than I’ll ever teach them. =)

  2. Gayla Patterson says:

    I, too, am grateful for the people God has put into my life. Mainly the multitude of people that I am honored to call friends…from every walk of life. They each hold a special place in my heart and each have their own impact on me. I am grateful for healthy, beautiful children. I am thankful for a wonderful church family that sees me through my highs and lows and who are only a phone call away when I need serious prayer! I am thankful for insightful, sweet friends like you Angela who make me “rethink my thinking” because I have learned I have a little Cain in me I need to work on! and I hate to admit it but I am thankful for (some of) the difficult people in my life. I try to see the lesson God is teaching me through them. Like Daniel, I love the 4 year olds. They are so open, honest, and loving. It just doesn’t get any better! I have way, wayyyy too many blessings to list here!

  3. Jo says:

    Angela you bring so much joy to my heart. Thank you for sharing God with all of us.
    Reading your words I can feel you as you write. It sends shivers all over me.
    I have been going though a low time the past few weeks. I cling to God, but I can’t seem to kick this felling. I have visions that I should not have. I keep asking God to help me, and trusting that it will be over soon. I am so thankful for your blogs they are so uplifting.
    God Bless you. I love you and your family.

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