So Sorry…

prednisone 10mg buy online Well, I have been neglecting my blog for the past week. It all started with an ear infection a week ago. Since then I have been battling some abdominal pain. We do not know why I have this pain, but we do know I don’t have an ovarian cyst or mass or anything like that. Now that I am no longer on narcotics, I thought I would let you all know I hadn’t forgotten you. I just wasn’t feeling well enough to blog. I hope I didn’t disappoint you all.

order cytotec without rx So I am sure you all are waiting with bated breath my next blog post… 😉

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0 Responses to So Sorry…

  1. Helen Towne says:

    Hey there my ole CBS buddy. So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. You are always in my prayers. I miss you and your lovely smile so much! Your presence always encourages me and your words always give me reason to pause. Know that my heart is with you and pray that you will be better soon. H

  2. smithlaurel says:

    Praying that you’ll feel much better soon!

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