Figuring it All Out I have been spending too much time figuring out how to make my blog prettier. Seriously. So I don’t have the greatest post planned. However I have been memorizing with my oldest child a great verse I wanted to share.

buy gabapentin for cats Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.” 1. The LORD creator of the universe is standing in your future. In other words all the steps we take, the winding paths, all of it He has already seen. He is already there before we get there. Amazingly enough He still loves us despite how many times we stumble and fall.

2. He will be with us. That means now in the present. Remember He is not bound by time so He is waiting for us before we get there, but He is also with us now. In the good times we are rejoicing, He is there cheering with us. In the difficult times in which we grieve, He is there comforting us. He is personal and with us now! That boggles my mind.

3. He won’t leave or forsake. So God doesn’t get fed up or tired of trying. He doesn’t ever say, “I am done with him or her.” No God is with us when we royally mess up, when we bring Him glory, and when we make a fool of our selves. He sees us at our best, our worst and every shade in between. He doesn’t say it is too hard to make this stick necked woman into the beautiful thing I made her to be. So I quit! NOPE God will never leave nor forsake. AMAZING and humbling.

4. Because God is in our future, walking with us in our present, and He will never leave us or forsake us, we do not have to feel afraid or discouraged. God is orchestrating our lives. He is there never to leave. We need not fear. God is never going to give up on us. We do not have to feel discouraged. No matter how many times we fall into the same pit of sin. No matter how long it takes us to bend our will to His, He is there. So we do not have to feel discouraged. We only have to look to Him!

Don’t you just love God’s word? What verse has spoken to you recently? Please let me know!

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  1. Kathy Fraley says:

    Angela, I used this same verse desperately two time periods in my life. The first was 26 years ago when I went through a divorce and the other began May 2009 with cancer. I needed to know through His word that he would not leave me or forsake me, that He is the Faithful One who gives me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. Thanks for this post, and your blog looks fabulous!


    • Thank Kathy…There are somethings I would like to change for the purpose of being easier to navigate. Oh and to be cuter. However I am not really a frills kind of girl so maybe the clean look is the right one for me.

  2. I have been spending too much time in similar things this week, hence my random blog posts. 🙂 I am liking the background! It’s pretty.

    • I would like to be able to do whatever I want with it and I just can’t. Of course I know NOTHING about web design or CSS coding or anything. So I am crash coursing myself. Getting plugged into other sites as a blogger like you on CWO. If I make it through today, I will be super excited since I got less than four hours of sleep last night.

  3. It is so easy to get caught up in the “cosmetics” of the blogging world and lose focus on the “heart” of the blog. Not that it’s a bad thing – we all need to look in the mirror occasionally! 🙂 (BTW – I love the simplicity of your blog. Clean lines and a beautiful header!)

    I’ll definitely be adding this verse to our memory list – what a foundation truth to teach our children!

    • Ashley,
      Isn’t it a great verse? I mean the Bible is great, but I am excited my oldest is learning it. She is in AWANA and it is in her Sparks book. So I didn’t come up with the idea, but I am glad to share it. 😉

      BTW, your blog is really cute! LOL, I may have blog envy. Not really, just want something that fits my personality and I am not sure this is it.

  4. smithlaurel says:

    Love this reminder, Ang! It brought to mind this song from younger years – (It’s Whitecross, but a very mellow ballad – If He Goes Before Me)

    The blog looks different than it did when I saw it this morning and didn’t have time to comment. 🙂 I’m still struggling to get my new WP blogs to my liking as well.

    You know that if you do CSS to customize your blog it’s a paid upgrade, right? You can test for free, but to have it be live on your blog, I believe it’s a paid feature.

    Thanks for being such an encouragement, dear!

    • Laurel, I paid for the CSS upgrade it was less than $15 for the whole year. However I still couldn’t get anything to work. However that is probably because I am not tech savvy in that way. I have no clue when it comes to CSS etc. Then I found some free “templates” to install, but I have to have a web host site to put it to so that WordPress can use it. I can’t upload it directly to WP.

      Do you like the “new” version? I like it better. Still not 100% happy, but will have to do for now.

      Love you friend and glad I can be encouraging.

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  6. smithlaurel says:

    I like that the side columns are stationary, while the middle scrolls. I miss the cross picture.
    I think that it’s important that your blog “look” is a reflection of you and the look/things you love. Hence, my flowers. 🙂 When I see that cross picture, it feels like it’s connected to you. The mountains are lovely, but I don’t have the connecting piece. Does that make sense?

  7. Dena Dyer says:

    Great verse–and wonderful thoughts to accompany it. Thanks for sharing it.

    Welcome to HCB–we’re glad to have you aboard! 🙂

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