The Lamb AND the Lion… So I help teach Sunday School to fifth and sixth grade girls at my church. Today during our discussion, it dawned on me that sometimes we tell kids that God loves them and Jesus loves them, but we forget to tell them that God is to be feared. Jesus isn’t a meek and mild mannered man who only turned the other cheek and forgave those lost in sin. Jesus also made a whip and turned over the tables of people selling and trading in the temple. Jesus was a carpenter, He walked every where He went. He was not a wimp. He is often depicted gleaming white, and gentle and mild, but He was much more than that. He stood up for what was right. He often called the religious leaders of the day out on the floor…He called them brood of vipers, the blind leading the blind, deceitful (because they cared about the outside of the cup, but the inside was filthy). Jesus is our lamb. That is true. He willingly sacrificed His life to pay the penalty for our sin, but was that easy? NO! Let’s look at Jesus in the garden before He was arrested. He was praying, he was praying that this cup pass from Him, but not His will, but the Father’s will be done. He was so burdened with the agony He knew He would soon face, that his sweat became bloody. Jesus is tough my friends. We serve a God who isn’t just a loving God, who says ok do whatever you want to do…No we serve a loving God who is righteous and just. He is HOLY. He is AWESOME…He created everything from NOTHING!!! He gave you life and can take it away at any time. He isn’t just the lamb, He is the LION OF JUDAH…He is our KING. He is strong and mighty. What Jesus suffered during He beating was enough to kills man, yet He made it to the cross. I find it amazing that no matter what His physical body endured, in the end, Jesus offered up His life. No one took it from Him, no one killed Jesus. Jesus gave His life up to God on the cross. The Bible tells us that on the cross He did the work of redemption. He paid the price for my sin and today He bears those scars. He rose from the dead victorious! And the best news of all, is that He is coming back. He is coming back this time as a conqueror. He is coming back as a MIGHTY KING!!! Don’t get me wrong, God is compassionate and gracious as His word tells us over and over, but He is also MIGHTY and “He will not always strive with us nor keep His anger forever.” Ps 103 He is patient, but not slow in keeping His promises. He is loving and He is just. He is the Lamb who died on the cross for us, but He is also the victorious Lion who defeated death! What a Savior, what a God!

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  1. judy day says:

    modafinil online south africa Amen and Amen! Hallelujah!

  2. Dan Mackey says:

    So true!

  3. Melanie W says:

    Ang, this made me think of this painting by Sally Brestin. You have to see it. Go here:

    and read her explanation of why she painted it. There is even a video of her talking about it somewhere. The video is VERY cool.

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